Message from Founder, Chairman of The Kingdom College Dr. Deepak Shinde


Martin Nielsen Mr. Nielsen, the owner of IBAS, has been active in the education industry for many years and has been a company owner for 20 to 22 years. He owns several schools across the world and is well acquainted with the education sector. Mr. Nielsen has always been an entrepreneur as he the age of started his first business venture. By 24 Mr. Martin set-up his first IT and education company. Over the years it has gone international, now spanning four continents and ten countries. My Dream- Your Future I started my first training company almost 22 years ago. In fact, in February of 2019 it will be 22 years. During my time in the education sector I always have had the vision to transform teaching into learning. Learning is a process putting the learner in the focus instead of the teacher. My Global World is a vision of a changed education world where learners (students) can study anywhere, anytime, in many different ways, with the focus always to grow the individual knowledge level instead of focusing on exams and assessments. My Global World Education Group is a group of schools and Universities in Europe, US, Middle East and Asia. The vision is to bring our programs close to the learners via having our own schools and Universities as well as learning centres. My Global World is furthermore focused on what happens AFTER you finish your study as much as to what happens during. We do not include content just for the reason of religion or politics. We focus on what is needed for our learners future – be it in a first job or in a new position. “So join us Martin Nielsen

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IBAS vision is to provide a luxurious education experience to students in affordable fee in
Switzerland main campus.

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TKC was incepted with the primary motive to combine world class education while at the same time groom the personality of the students to become industry leaders.

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