An International MBA is more rigorous. The teaching technique, methodology and curriculum is extremely global by nature, thus giving you a better foundation to be prepared for the Business World. The dual MBA, gives specialization across two main streams, one being global Entrepreneurship and the other major as an elective as per the options. In a Dual specialization MBA, one can combine the specializations that results in getting in depth knowledge and education in fields that are interconnected. It provides students with exposure to an international community, helping them build global outlook and open up a wide range of career opportunities. Through a Global MBA degree, students get the opportunity to engage with a large business network and develop their business knowledge simultaneously.
IBAS is one of the few international MBA courses which has the famed teaching techniques and curriculum of Switzerland. This course enables the students: to become the best professionals in Global Business & Management and to contribute through their knowledge to the World and their own country.
IBAS & TKC focuses and conducts education at MBA level. The desire of IBAS & TKC is on securing international level high quality education at affordable fees for students. The famed IBAS international teaching techniques and methodologies, blended with TKC’s reputed EDP, MBL & IBS career framework, EQ certifications gives the students a complete international managerial ability.
International Business Academy is accredited, licensed, recognized by ATHE (UK) EDUQUA (Swiss), ISO (Global) and got candidate status for world famous ACBSP recognised by CHEA in USA. Please see question 1 for more accreditations
IBAS students are from different countries and cultures which guarantee the diversity in classes and teaching techniques. IBAS international MBA programme are becoming more popular worldwide with an increase of 305% in our enrolment rate in 2019 compared to 2018.77% of IBAS graduates joined new companies and the companies are very satisfied with their performance.

• American tech and Management University, Plentron, CA, USA
• The Egyptian Culture Center
• Blooms Business School EGYPT
• Bangkok School Management
• Gates Professional Schools Philippines,
• Berjaya University college of Hospitality Malaysia
• Belarusian State University Belaurus
• East west International College Malaysia
• Kent International College UK
• Gardner College Phillipines
• Hoa sen University Vietnam
• International Business school of Scandinavia, DENMARK.
• Swiss School of Business & Hospitality.

Yes, you will be part of the IBAS Alumni, which is international in nature, In fact when you join IBAS you become part of the MGWE group, which makes you part of a much larger . Alumni group which gives the Alumni a global network with activities in all parts of the world . More info:
EDP- ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAME ( 54 hrs program) Tkc is the only institution in the country that develops entrepreneur as a whole along with teaching them entrepreneurship and business as subjects. Without creating a strong entrepreneurship one cannot create a strong & serial business.
MBL – MANAGEMENT BY LEADERSHIP ( 54 hours program) Leadership and Management must go hand in hand. the manager’s job is to plan, organize and coordinate. the leader’s job is to inspire and motivate. this program imparts both Management and Leadership.
IBS- INTERNATIONAL BEHAVIOURIAL SCIENCE ( 60 hours program) This certification gets the student completely ready with behavioural and life sciences, which makes them absolutely business and job ready in the global world and making them stand out of the rest. This also encourages the individuals career outline as per the individual’s requirement.
EQ- EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT ( 120 hours program) This certificate concentrates on the students Emotional Quotient. EQ not only helps the students in developing soft skills but also those hard-core strengths that are required to face day to day life and uncertainties of future. This is a most important factor to be developed for a student’s success in life.
We have a student support centre both in Switzerland and TKC, Bangalore. The Student Centre, counsel holds campus interviews to help students get placed as per their career aspirations. Get unplugged

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IBAS vision is to provide a luxurious education experience to students in affordable fee in
Switzerland main campus.

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TKC was incepted with the primary motive to combine world class education while at the same time groom the personality of the students to become industry leaders.

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