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IBAS vision is to provide a luxurious education experience to students in affordable fee in Switzerland main campus. The global partner institutes around the world are working hand by hand to justify the vision of IBAS

The programs offered brings a quality blend learning experience to all students regardless of their nationality or study phase.

The coursework is built to ensure that students are trained to become the best professionals in the field of Management and to contribute through their knowledge to the world and to their own countries.



IBAS is one of the few international MBA courses which has the famed teaching techniques and curriculum of Switzerland. This course enables the students: to become the best professionals in Global Business & Management and to contribute through their knowledge to the World and their own country. OR to contribute to the World and their own country through their knowledge.


Switzerland, is a beautiful country which has a lot to offer and attract students from across the Globe, there are variety of reasons why one should consider studying in Switzerland. Some of the reasons might be exclusively academic, but in addition to the high quality education, one will gain a lot of value from this one-of-a-kind experience, when chosen to study in Switzerland. Switzerland provides top quality higher education institutions incorporating large number of business schools. MBA in Switzerland for Indian students is a blessing in disguise. Students can learn in an international exposure, dynamic study environment and abundant job opportunities. Leadership skill is another aspect of MBA program that is focused by Switzerland universities. Besides, MBA in Switzerland, which is multilingual country, students can learn from different perspectives, patterns, develop complex knowledge and get a chance to establish a network in an international environment. Number of Indian students in Switzerland are increasing every year. Since 2014, percentage of Indian students is increasing by 50% every year.


Zurich is cultural, industrial center and business capital of Switzerland. Zurich’s residents enjoy an exceptionally high quality of life, with great public transport options, a large international community and excellent healthcare. It’s tough to beat Zurich when it comes to scenery. Situated on the banks of picturesque Lake Zurich and with the stunning Swiss Alps within day-trip reach, this city would suit those who want to combine the attractions of city life with close proximity to some of Europe’s most beautiful natural landscapes. The city has excellent universities, which ranked in top universities worldwide. After graduation, non-EU students are allowed to stay in Switzerland for up to six months to job hunt, which they can do if they obtain a residency permit. During these six months, they are allowed to work for up to 15 hours.


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IBAS vision is to provide a luxurious education experience to students in affordable fee in
Switzerland main campus.

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TKC was incepted with the primary motive to combine world class education while at the same time groom the personality of the students to become industry leaders.

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